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Esoteric Healing
By Naomi Lake

As in most models of holistic healing, the work of Esoteric Healing is the integration of body, mind and spirit. In Esoteric Healing the aura and chakra system are used as diagnostic and therapeutic tools to help the client understand the source of the “dis-ease” and begin the process of letting it go. The aura, or electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, holds the records of past, present and future events. Because we exist in this trinity of past, present and future we need to look at the aura for a true holistic perspective. The aura holds thoughtforms of past experience, both of this lifetime as well as past lifetimes, which can influence the way we process energy. Also held in the aura are future potentials- as it is the karmic template of our soul's essence. To bridge the past with the future we need to deal with the present, which is basically what my work is about.

The aura tells the present story of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of being because it is the result of cellular mitosis. During mitosis, which is cellular division that happens continuously in the body; photons, or packages of light are released that hover in the electro-magnetic field that surrounds the body. These photons vibrate at different frequencies, creating colors. These colors can be interpreted by understanding the chakra system.

Chakra, a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, is a center of consciousness . . . a vortex of energy running parallel to the spine. Each one of these centers rules a different quality and characteristic of being and spins at a different vibrational frequency that is related to a specific color. So, when we see a color at or on a particular part of the body, we can apply what we know about the symbology of that particular part of the body with what we know about a color, that relates to a chakra, and come up with an analysis of what is going on with the processing of energy on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

By looking at the aura we can see the source of dis-ease; we can see where the vital motivating force is being diverted and/or congested. With focused body and energy work we can help to move and balance this energy - enabling the body to heal itself.

In Esoteric Healing we work diagnostically and therapeutically with the chakra centers as well as the aura. These vortexes of energy are the buttons that connect our body, mind and spirit. They are the wheels that move our ‘vehicles’ along the path. If any of these wheels are flat or out of balance . . . or if there is sand or grit in the bearings, our getting where we want to go is much more difficult. When these chakra centers are balanced, and inflated and spinning in the correct direction, we can more easily and efficiently get where we want to go and achieve our goals. As mentioned above, there are seven primary chakra centers, each connected to a specific endocrine gland and each ruling different psychological and physiological functions. The following is a brief explanation of these centers of consciousness.

The first of these chakras is located at the base of the spine. It is the center that connects us with survival issues… money, career, shelter, anger, passion, lust and pain and irritation. It is the densest of the chakras, spinning in the vibrational frequency of red.

The second chakra, located in the pelvic region about three inches below the navel, has to do with issues of emotion, attachment and letting go. This is not only attachment to people, places and things but also attachment to belief systems and ways of being. This is a very important concept. Almost always this center is addressed in the healing of physical and/or psychological dis-ease. Most all dis-ease is an attachment to a way of being on one or many different levels. This center spins in the vibrational frequency of orange.

The third chakra center is located in the solar plexus and rules many things. We can begin to understand the complexity of this center by looking at the organs located here from a symbolic perspective. The stomach is where we take in our food . . . it sorts out where the different nutrients will go . . . so metaphorically speaking it is our data bank, a place of synthesis of information, forming opinions and making judgments. It is called the seat of the mental body. The kidneys hold cellular memory of childhood emotional traumas. The pancreas processes and assimilates sugars . . . or sweetness from the universe. It is from this place where we set boundaries. This center has to do with fear, trust, self-esteem and self-doubt. It is the place of ego and will. Yellow is the vibrational frequency of this center.

The fourth chakra center is found in the lung and heart area. Some call this center the gateway to the spiritual self. This center has to do with forgiveness, compassion, personal freedom and personal sovereignty. This is also the place of surrender. The color is a beautiful emerald green.

The fifth chakra, located in the neck and throat area is the thyroid center. The thyroid controls the body's metabolism, or timing of every cell in the body. If we look at this center metaphorically, we can see that this center has to do with how we are connected to universal timing. The fifth chakra is the center of communication and responsibility . . . giving us the ability to respond. This is also the place of manifestation. Its color is electric royal blue.

The sixth chakra, or brow center is the seat of insight and intuition . . . a knowing that is literally beyond words. This is the place of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. It is from this chakra that we have the capacity to visualize. The color or vibrational frequency of this center is violet.

The crown chakra, located at the top of the head, is ruled by the master gland, the pituitary. The pituitary controls the entire endocrine system. This center connects us with Universal Consciousness. The vibrational frequency is white.

The Esoteric Healing work I teach both here and in Mexico helps participants, most of whom are health care providers, to reawaken, develop and refine their auric vision. There are four precepts in this process. One is to go through the chakra system as an ‘initiation’ process. When we are attuned to each chakra center at a very deep level, we are able to raise our bodies and beings to that specific vibrational frequency. We need to be able to see faster in order to see the aura because it exists in the infrared part of the light spectrum, which is much faster vibrationally than the visible light spectrum. The second precept is to practice specific eye exercises designed to enable participants to readily change focal length. The third is to develop a neuro-linguistic way to interpret patterns and symbols into colors . . . somewhat like learning to read. The fourth precept, and perhaps the most difficult, is to be able to get out of the ego’s way – the third chakra – the censor and judge . . . the rational thinker. These workshops also offer participants specific hands-on healing techniques. Once we can see the aura and analyze how the chakras are functioning, the esoteric healer can extend specific colors from their hands to specific areas in and around the body to affect a change on physical, emotional and/or spiritual levels.

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