I AM the GODDESS Coloring Book
Cover of I AM the Goddess Coloring Book   Back cover of I AM the Goddess coloring book

In honor of the Divine Feminine within us all,
The 'I AM the GODDESS Coloring Book' is now available,
featuring 26 goddesses from around the world!

Created by James and Naomi for our children's children.

This beautiful 2nd edition is available for
only $7.55 each plus shipping through Amazon.com.

I AM White Bufflo Woman page   I AM Baba Yaga page
About the 'I AM the GODDESS Coloring Book'

'I AM the GODDESS Coloring Book' features 26 Goddesses from around the world....from the Russian Baba Yaga to the Native American White Buffalo Woman.

Author/publisher Zana Hart says, "I love how this coloring book can cultivate a unique reconnection to each Goddess."

Philip Incao MD says, "A wonderful introduction for young children to the essential role of the eternal feminine in all cultures of human evolution."

At each turn of the page a new Goddess greets you as a friend. Drawn with simple enough lines for the little ones to color, it still has enough substance for us all to get a glimpse of the personality of each Goddess.

This coloring book for and about the Goddess, created for their children's children by James Roderick and Naomi Lake, is more than just a coloring book. The 'I AM the GODDESS Coloring Book' is a fun educational tool, intended to share the individuality of each Goddess.

I AM the GUADALUPE Coloring Book
Cover of I AM the Guadalupe Coloring Book   Back cover of I AM the Guadalupe Coloring Book

As you and your children bring color to these 27 images
of Our Lady of Guadalupe. may her loving compassion and wisdom
shine upon us all!

The 'I AM the GUADALUPE Coloring Book' can be yours for
$7.95 plus shipping through Amazon.com.

Frida page   Ironing page

About the 'I AM the GUADALUPE Coloring Book'

This is the second in a series of James and Naomi's I AM Coloring Books dedicated to our children, Jacob, Aaron, Nathaniel and Eden and our grandchildren, Zayna, Ezra, Paloma, Penelope, Iris and Zion. The 'I AM the GUADALUPE Coloring Book' is our contribution to the nourishment and embodiment of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In the act of bringing color to these pages, may you and your children invite and invoke the essence of Our Lady. We have created this 'I AM the GUADALUPE Coloring Book' with the greatest respect and admiration for Our Lady of Guadalupe in a humble attempt to bring her closer to all of our hearts.

"Of the many apparitions of Jesus' Mother Mary around the world over time, Our Lady of Guadalupe speaks most strongly to many of us as Mother of the Americas and in turn our own spiritual Mother. We pray she continues to hold us in her Mother's heart protecting, nurturing and inspiring us all."

~Suzie Ryan Nada Carmelite Hermitage Crestone, CO

"As Our Lady drew herself upon Juan Diego's tilma in roses, she surely rejoices in children (including the child in each of us) to color her into our daily lives."

~Matthew Crawley Operations Manager of Shumei International
About the Authors

James Roderick and Naomi LakeJames Roderick and Naomi Lake live in a small southern Colorado village, nestled in the Sangre de Cristo mountains with a dog, a cat, 2 goldfish and their imaginations.

In their latest project, James and Naomi have created a series of I AM coloring books. First in the series is 'I AM the GODDESS Coloring Book' which brings the Goddess to the children at an early age so that the Divine Feminine can be recognized throughout their lives. It has been said that you must be like a child to get into the kingdom of heaven. Could it be as simple as coloring in a coloring book?

As a painter, James Joseph Roderick is originally from Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Since moving to Colorado in the mid nineties his art has fully turned into an honoring of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine in us all. He has painted over 40 images of the Virgin of the Guadalupe. His life's mission, through his artwork, is to bring awareness of the feminine side of God. View more of James' art work.

Naomi Lake is a healer and educator whose mission is to remind individuals and groups of their capacity to heal themselves...both physically and emotionally. She has assisted thousands to reawaken, invoke and embody the essence of any set intention or dream. Visit Naomi's website to learn more about her and her work.

This 4th of July a little boy, who James and Naomi have known from town, came up to them and said he had colored in the coloring book. When asked which Goddess he liked best, right away he said "the one with the dolphins." When asked "why," he replied, "because she's from China." This little boy, barely old enough to read, was becoming aware of the different Goddesses. Perhaps, in him, the act of coloring Kwan Yin sparked some ancient remembrances from times long past. In any event it seems to be working!

Naomi and James are witness to the accelerated changes that are happening throughout the planet. They've pondered how they could help...how best to influence a positive change...bring balance...and where to begin. Since they have 6 grandchildren between them, the apparent place to start was with the children. This 'I AM the GODDESS Coloring Book' was born from that place. They pray that it serves for the highest good of ALL.

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