Naomi Lake, Full Circle for Conscious Health
Naomi Lake, weaving the tapestry of conscious health and technology

Quantum Biofeedback: Bringing WorldsTogether
by Lorraine Hurley MD and Naomi Lake

The following article is reprinted from Cape Healing Arts (Summer 2007).
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Naomi Lake, esoteric healer and educator, and Lorraine Hurley a medical doctor working as a health consultant and educator, share their backgrounds and discuss a relatively new technology they both use in their individual health care practices commonly referred to as quantum biofeedback. How each of them came to an awareness of and interest in the technology, and their beliefs about what the technology provides and represents, is the topic of their discussion.

Their respective professional backgrounds would be considered by most to be at extreme polarities on the continuum of health care. Esoteric or shamanic-based healing is the practice of seeing the source of dis-ease and imbalance in a person’s whole energy field while allopathic medicine, as practiced today in a traditional setting, is the practice of responding to the grossly mechanical or physical manifestation of disease.

The idea of creative consciousness in health was for a time lost in science. Today, with the scientific validation of subtle energy fields (see information at foot of page) as well as other work with quantum physics on consciousness, we have incredible new opportunities and options for weaving a healing matrix.

LORRAINE HURLEY Hi Naomi, thank you for discussing your work with me and for providing me with an opportunity to share my own experiences. I am fascinated by your background and by how you have integrated this technology into your work. I understand that both of your parents are physicians and you considered medical school yourself early on. How were you led to become an esoteric and shamanic healer?

NAOMI LAKE Since early childhood I have been able to see colors, shapes and forms around people. My father, a surgeon, and mother a pediatrician, questioned what I was seeing and actually took me to their ophthalmologist friends! In my early teens I was introduced to some of the early esoteric literature of the Theosophical Society and learned that what I was seeing were auras and chakras. I studied quantum physics to understand what these colors were, and Eastern meditation practices to understand the unification of body, mind and spirit.

I majored in anthropology at UC Berkeley, focusing my work on cross-cultural healing techniques that led me into the study of Shamanism. I moved to Provincetown in 1979 with my 3 sons and opened an office in town. In my healing practice, I used the aura drawings as diagnostic and therapeutic tools, helping my clients move into conscious health. Throughout the 80s and early 90s I taught healthcare practitioners throughout the area to see and work with the aura in very specific ways.

After moving to Crestone, Colorado in the mid 90s, I went to the Peruvian jungle with a small group of healers to study with a shaman there. I was introduced to the powerful visionary medicine called Ayahuasca. During those journeys with the medicine I was able to see the inter-connectedness of all living things. The plant spirit doctors showed me how to see and work with blockages in people’s energy fields, at extremely deep and profound levels. I felt I was actually in the quantum holographic field.

HURLEY So it was an appreciation for the fact that there were not only esoteric but scientific explanations of what you experienced that moved you towards the integration of technology into your work?

LAKE Yes, three years ago I was introduced to a leading edge technology called the LIFE System and was, frankly, blown away by its capacity to access and balance the specificity of dis-ease. At first, not comfortable with the use of technology for ‘healing work’, I made it a point to meet the developers of the system and found them to be impeccable healers with enormous integrity.

HURLEY Wow! My own journey is quite different than yours but has had a similar effect upon me. I grew to see the interconnectedness of things as I went deeper into what healing is and what the meaning of suffering is. In my case the dis-ease of addiction was my diligent and gifting teacher. Both my parents were alcoholics and before I was an adult, I too was solidly in the throes of the dis-ease of addiction.

I left school at the age of 16 and in my late twenties decided to further my formal education. I obtained a GED and a B.S. in chemistry from U. Mass and then began work as a research assistant at Boston University School of Medicine. I began medical school at the age of 33.

I was in practice as a family physician for only a short time when I realized that there was far more that I didn’t know, than what I actually did. My experiences, both personal and professional, testified daily to the spiritual, mind and heart dimensions of health and life, but my traditional allopathic training had not equipped me to meet people with adequate answers or solutions to their problems. I became deeply distressed with the limits imposed by and on the practice of allopathic medicine.

I began studying alternative methods and philosophies of healing and this led to dramatic changes in the way I work. The study of functional medicine and then quantum physics, in tandem with an inspired reworking of my spiritual beliefs, was my “Ayahuasca.” I began to see the web or matrix you yourself describe. It was not a visual seeing but a quality of understanding that eventually evolved. So I expanded my work to accommodate the vision I was being given of what health actually is and that is how quantum biofeedback came into my awareness and work.

LAKE Yes, and although you and I use biofeedback systems created by different people, the technology is basically the same. It is a marriage of quantum physics and computer technology. Thanks to quantum physics we now know that everything in creation can be characterized as a distinct frequency of vibration. Whether atom, molecule, cell, organ, system, thought, belief, emotion, or discreet energy field (see sidebar), entire being or group of beings; each possesses a signature of vibration that distinguishes itself.

During a reactivity test, over 7000 ‘signatures’ are sent into the body through a harness (head, wrist and ankle bands). The body absorbs and/or reflects back these frequencies in proportion to the stress or harmony experienced by this challenge and feeds back to the instrument. The computer analyzes the feedback mathematically and presents the information on the computer screen to the practitioner.

HURLEY Naomi, the visualization you use with your clients while working is quite provocative. Will you share it here?

LAKE Sure. During a session, which can be either in person or at a distance, I invite my client to visualize a multidimensional cocoon, web or matrix of very fine fibers and surrounding them at a distance from their body. The web represents their field of consciousness. This is the template from which they are manifest. It is the result of their cumulative experience including imprints from genetic, karmic and cultural influences as well as the effects of their environment, relationships, beliefs, thought forms and behavior. I ask them to invite into this clearly defined matrix, experts from many fields including specialists in endocrinology, naturopathy, herbology, homeopathy, metaphysics, acupuncture, infectious disease, nutrition, toxicology, psychiatry and chiropractic to name a few. These experts take note of where a stress, tear or break is in their matrix. They then translate this information through the lens of their field of knowledge and give this to the main coordinator (the computer). The computer prioritizes the information into a list. It is an accurate analysis of the condition of the person on levels of body, mind and spirit.

HURLEY I love that! It is the ability of the technology to translate these interpretations into the common language of vibration coupled with the practitioners’ understanding of interconnections, systems and hierarchies that allows us to use any desired combination of these to assist a client in their healing process.

LAKE Yes, I use the LIFE System to help me identify the specifics of a disease and to balance or neutralize anything in the way of my client’s optimum health. How are you integrating your allopathic background with the use of this technology? What sort of people come to you? With what sort of problems?

HURLEY Many of my clients have just begun to self-actualize. They do not yet have a full functional or quantum view of health. They have problems ranging from life-threatening cancer to simple hypertension and everything in between. I use the technology to convey stress in terms they are accustomed to such as allergens, toxins, pathogens, hormonal imbalance, nutrient insufficiencies etc. This information usually validates that a change in lifestyle or increase in awareness is necessary and provides my client with a tangible focus of control. But I also evaluate and share with my client the psycho/emotional/spiritual stresses that are being revealed during the analysis. I provide assistance by attenuating imbalances at all levels as they are encountered and by educating, educating, educating throughout this process. Together we develop lifestyle programs that acknowledge and attend to them across the full body/mind/heart/spirit continuum of life. I have seen remarkable things happen for people.

And how is your work going?

LAKE Many of my clients come with varying complaints...from bad backs to insomnia, digestive problems to anxiety and depression, lupus to Parkinson’s. I work with many of my clients at a distance. As a trainer, I give a lot of demonstrations of the LIFE System. I am finding that people in attendance are being affected...that actually the field is being assessed and treated! This is terms of being able to work with large groups of people at once. But that gets us into a discussion of the Quantum Hologram...and there’s not enough time here to discuss that!

HURLEY No there isn’t, but readers interested in expanding their awareness of what energy healing is should begin to explore this and other related concepts. We are truly on the verge of huge shifts in our comprehension of consciousness and how that affects physical manifestation. The marriage of ancient wisdom to the insights and technology of contemporary genius is laying the foundation for a truly awakened and powerful humanity.

Naomi Lake, former Provincetown resident, healer and educator in private practice for 35 years combines her medical intuition, shamanic earth-based wisdom with leading-edge biofeedback technology encouraging clients and groups to move into conscious health. She is available for phone sessions at 505-982-1183.

Lorraine Hurley, MD is an alternative health consultant and educator and founder of Health for Life located in Brewster, MA. She works with both individuals and groups and welcomes all inquiries regarding services, seminars and retreats. 774-722-3548,

Human Subtle Energy Systems

Subtle Energetic Bodies Discreet energy fields. Associated with living substance. Made of matter less dense than physical matter, i.e of a higher vibrational frequency. Defined by a particular range of frequency. The higher the frequency the less dense the field. Energy flows from higher frequencies to lower frequencies.

Most Dense to Least
The following subtle energy systems do not represent all known, but represent those that have been characterized.

Physical Body Material substance.
Etheric Body Holographic or energy template that guides the development and growth of the physical body.
Astral Body vehicle of emotional aspects of an individual.
Mental Thought forms (instinctive, intellectual and spiritual). Vehicle through which self manifests and expresses concrete ideas.
Causal Closest thing to that which we call our higher self. Deals with essence.
Zero Point Essence. Called different things by different traditions i.e. Holy Spirit, Divine Mother, Cosmic Energy.

Holographic Principle Each piece contains the whole (as in every cell of the body contains all the DNA necessary to construct the whole body).
Chi A system of energy that interfaces between the physical and etheric bodies through meridians.
Chakras Specialized energy centers that act as transformers. They connect us to the multi-dimensional universe. They take in energy of a higher vibrational frequency (than physical matter) and assimilate it for use by the physical body. 7 major chakras – each corresponds to a major nerve plexus and glandular center. They play a vital role in regulation of various states of consciousness.

If any layer of the subtle body system is blocked, energy will not flow freely down into the next (grosser) level. From that level onward, there will be significant deficiencies of energy.
Blockages in any of the subtle layers prevent Essence Energy from flowing freely into the material body. This is why so many diseases are co-influenced or co-created by blockages in subtle bodies. This also explains why our psychological, emotional and spiritual state affects our physical body.

~ Lorraine Hurley

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