Naomi Lake, Full Circle for Conscious Health
Naomi Lake, weaving the tapestry of conscious health and technology

rituals and ceremonies

In creating a sacred space, a circle formation is often used because of it's symbol of the ultimate state of Oneness where all participants are on equal ground. Naomi has facilitated many unique, individualized ceremonies such as Rites of Passage for our young, baby blessings, power animal retrieval using the Shaman's Drum, Full and New Moon women's rituals, land and old home clearings, new home blessings and commitment ceremonies. As an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, she has performed many weddings, marriages and relationship bonding ceremonies. She has also been honored in facilitating memorial services for loved ones who have completed their journey here on Earth. Naomi can help you to create a ceremony that is specifically designed for your unique needs. Living life is a ritual, a continual ceremony that embodies the Sacred. Naomi's ceremonies remind us of this and encourage us to honor and connect with the natural world, our communities, the Universe and to the One Source.

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