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shamanic journey work

Shamanic drumUsing the sound of the steady beat of the drum, the individual moves into an altered state of consciousness that has been said to be measurably similar to that achieved through the use of visionary plants. Through this method, one can achieve direct teaching, guidance and medicine healings from power animals and spirit teachers on how to most efficiently and effectively bring the body and being into alignment during these very pivotal times.

Totem Animal Course

Shikapa, Shaman's Rattle of the Upper AmazonEach of the seven primary chakras, or energy centers, has a power animal as its quide. You will be introduced to the qualities and characteristics of each chakra center and listen to the recorded sound of the vibrational frequency of that center, intonating that center at a very deep level. Then, with the sound of the steady beat of the drum you will move into an altered state of consciousness to meet the power animal residing at each center, gaining insight and answers to specific questions particular to that center of consciousness. Mandalas are then drawn that are reflective of your journey . . . which add even more depth to the experience.

There are 9 meetings in this course . . . the first one to meet the main/over-all power animal, then seven meetings for each of the 7 primary chakra centers and a final meeting as a ‘council meeting’ to observe and experience the interconnectedness of all of your animals . . . creating your personal totem pole.

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