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testimonials to Naomi Lake

My session with Naomi was powerful and transformative, and I recommend her work to all who are on a path to self-discovery. She is insightful, intuitive and highly skilled, a true contemporary shaman who is bridging the gap of time by using her profound intuitive gifts together with the most amazing 21st century healing technology I have ever experienced. Not only was my session with her profoundly healing, it also gave me my most meaningful validation to date that the peaceful application of high-technology will be an invaluable asset to our human evolution.

~ B. B. Crestone, CO

I had 10+ years of difficulty with adhesions from a surgery that there seemingly was no help for. I went to Naomi for something that I thought was completely unrelated to the surgery and by the next morning the pulling from the adhesions was significantly decreased. I have continued with a couple of additional sessions and each time there is measurable improvement in the symptoms. Thank you!!

~ B. H. Crestone, CO

My “wish” for my treatment a few weeks ago was to get off of my diet plateau, and to reduce or stop my incessant hot flashes. I had been on a diet plateau for several weeks. Every morning I would weigh and the same weight would come up. The morning after my treatment I got on the scale and I had lost 2 pounds. I was thrilled and thanked the god scale. The next morning I got on the scale again and had lost 2 more pounds. My hot flashes decreased by about 40% the day after my “treatment”. They continued to decrease day by day. Today, 4 weeks later, my hot flashes are completely gone.

~ G. B. Alamosa, CO

MIRACLE WORKER are the words which describe Naomi. Via remote healing methods, she has helped my brother who has Cerebral Palsy to heal by getting past three hospitalizations for pneumonias, three breathing intabations [ventilation tube] and intestinal blockage! When I first met Naomi and she did her first healing on me, I had been trading stock options and hadn't been calm for months. After the healing I have been calm for months! What more can I say except Naomi is truly talented!

~ J. S. Boston, MA

Thank you for making Eloise's transition to the next stage such a gently loving one. I wish we could do that for all little girls turning 7. She remembers it and keeps the special gifts you gave her on a table of treasures. I know it has given her such strength lately.

~ L. G. Denver, CO

You gave us such a beautiful ceremony; just as we had asked and MORE! We are both so very thankful.

~ E. L. Crestone, CO

I was talking with a friend the other day and we were reminiscing about our experiences with you (probably going back to the mid-80's). I don't think anything since (or before) has resulted in the kind of benefit spiritually, physically and emotionally that working with you in your classes and in private sessions provided for each of us.

~ M. McC. Cape Cod, MA

Saludos from an old patient! I think of you on occasion and continue to use the knowledge you so generously shared with me in my younger days. I remember going in to see you when I was feeling Great as well as when I was feeling not-so-great. I always received from you gifts of wisdom, and insight...many of them with endless practical applications in my daily life. In this way you have profoundly touched the very essence of my being. Thank you.

~ J. L. NYC, NY

"Praise be to God for the healing gift of Naomi! How blessed and aligned my physical and emotional bodies are through her Divine assistance! It is efficient and oh so beautiful to have a spiritual Doctor perform "house calls" on the inner levels. My graceful healing sessions with Naomi, allows me the freedom to continue my life journey."

~ T. P. Cincinnati, OH

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