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Making and Using a Crystal Elixir
by Naomi Lake

For many years I have made crystal elixirs at the Full and New Moon invoking the energies that these moon times offer.

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings…a time to initiate things…to open to inspiration…a time to invite Light into new ideas, projects and opportunities. The New Moon is a time to plant the seeds for clear intentions. This crystal elixir is a medicine of sorts, that holds your intention in the molecular structure of the water in which it is made. You sip the water, over a 15 day period, consciously repeating your affirmation and that water penetrates all aspects of your body and being, potentizing each cell and molecule with your intention that has been programmed into the crystal.

The Full Moon is a time for letting go…letting go of patterns, imprints, thought forms, habits and belief systems…anything that may be holding you back from expressing who you truly are.

To make a crystal elixir for the New Moon, find the exact astrological time of the New Moon and begin to make your elixir 12 hours before. Hold a cleared clear quartz in your right hand about 4-6 inches opposite your brow chakra. When you find the 'right' place in your energy field, your brow will slightly buzz or tingle. Now, while holding the crystal in your right hand, with your left hand palm up, (to receive support and empowerment from your connections with Galactic Consciousness), think your thought into the crystal for 30 to 60 seconds. If you find your mind wandering , bring your focused attention back to your intention (without emotional judgment!)…it's actually quite a challenge to hold a CLEAR thought for more that 30 seconds without distractions! After you are satisfied with the programming of your crystal, place the crystal in a jar of good drinking water, place the lid on top of the jar and place the jar in a window, or if warm enough, outside under the sun and moon for 24 hours. Then, 24 hours after making it, begin drinking your elixir…pacing yourself to finish it 15 days before you make your next Moon elixir. You can leave the crystal in the jar…or not. Some people like to place the jar in the refrigerator…others leave it out on a window sill. Be mindful that this elixir is Strong medicine potentizing every cell and molecule of your body and being with the intention programmed into the crystal. Be mindful what you intend!! We are powerful beings living in powerful times!!

Make the Full Moon elixir in the same way. The Full Moon is a time for letting go…so 'tune into' bottom -line patterns, beliefs or obscurations that may be deterring you from your path. Be specific with your intentions…work to get to a 'source issue'. Have it be one statement…a thought that you can hold for 30-60 seconds. It's best not to use run-on sentences! Sometimes I suggest to my students and clients that they keep a journal…to record how the Universe is supporting the changes that they are intending.

There are many ways to clean or clear your crystal. Some suggest putting it in the freezer for a few hours. I usually bury mine in sea salt for 24 hours. Some put in on a table outside in sunlight. I feel that intention is the most potent way. We can think and make anything so, as Jean-Luc Picard used to say in Star Trek.

Most importantly, have fun with this!!! It's all about discovering just how powerful we really are!

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