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L.I.F.E. System Technical Questions & Answers
Prepared By Michael Slivinski

Q: What is the frequency output of the L.I.F.E. System program?

A: The L.I.F.E. System uses a frequency range from 0.5 Hz to 250 Khz. The manual signal generator, unique to the L.I.F.E. System, displays the signal to the lamps on the face of the interface box. All signals in the program may be measured by an oscilloscope.

Measurements conveyed to the graphite impregnated rubber interface straps and headband, when in contact with the skin, are in the milli-volt and 1-2 milli-amp to micro-amp range.

Q: What happens during the calibration Process?

A: The calibration process creates a relationship between the body and the interface box. It stimulates the body with signals, determines the reactions and relationship with the body, then adapts the program to a pertinent response mode. It might be described as a harmonic resonance between the body and the interface device.

Q: Does the L.I.F.E. System use Tri-vector signals? Can you describe Tri-vector?

A: Yes, the L.I.F.E. System uses a very sophisticated, proprietary Tri-vector process. We use the Tri-vector in different combinations throughout the entire program. L.I.F.E. has more than 7200 specific, fundamental, and complex signals using the Tri-vector process.

Tri-vector develops complex waveform signals, unique to each substance. In addition, each signal is displayed graphically in the form of a fractal image. No other system compares with efficacy of this process.

Q: What does the EMR (Electrical Magnetic Radiation) protection do?

A: It stimulates the body with Schuman waves (Earth's magnetic frequencies, among other earth energies) that the body and our DNA recognizes, entrains and synchs with. It is valuable to the human organism, helping to balance the body with earth’s resonant energies. The human life form (as well as other life forms, such as plants and animals) have benefited mankind since he has walked the earth. Within the L.I.F.E. System, we have the option to change the frequency. Currently, we use 7.83 Hz, as the default setting. But some choose to adjust it to a higher value due to perceived geophysical changes on the planet. The L.I.F.E. System offers the option to select a setting of one’s choice. EMR (Electrical Magnetic Radiation) Protection, can also be disabled for those who may have an over sensitivity to EMR. Additionally, the MetaSpace mode allows for a more subtle EMR Protection choice for those that experience such sensitivity.

Q: Does LIFE use different waveforms?

A: Yes. The L.I.F.E. System uses unlimited waveforms, including Sine waves and Square waves. Despite various schools of thought, concerning the use of Square waves or Sine waves, it is known that Square waves generate an output rich in harmonics. See also Tri-vector above.

Q: Why do you recommend limiting L.I.F.E. Sessions to every 48 hours?

A: It is suggested that the body, mind and emotions need adjustment time to adapt to the balancing energies delivered by the L.I.F.E. System. For every item in L.I.F.E. database, L.I.F.E. sends these energetic, balancing frequencies to the body. These are pings or pulses of energy, of short duration (milliseconds), used to stimulate the body. The body then responds to these energies giving the L.I.F.E. System an indication to areas of imbalance. The practitioner may then give consideration to the various modality options.

Q: A handful of substances in the Reactivity are not identified. What are they?

A: We have worked with many different homeopathic companies and others who have provided us with product substances. 99% of the time we have identifying descriptors for the items. However in rare instances, we are unaware of the specific substance or description of the item. We rely on the company’s reputation, and trust in the energetic integrity of their product. Please remember that these substances, when represented in the program, are converted to energetic signatures, and characterize only the energy essence of the physical substance.

Q: What is the significance of the Biosignatures in Biofeedback/Gems panel?

A: Bio-Signatures are drawings and photo images representing the energy pathway of a specific organ. We merge the client’s photograph, at unique mathematical rate, with that of the drawing or photo image, in order to elicit a desired effect through the harmonic resonance. This effect has been researched by several individuals in Egypt and India.

Q: Does the L.I.F.E. work with the new dual core processors?

A: Yes, depending on the processor used by the PC manufacturer, our test times have ranged between approximately 4-5 minutes and 12 minutes. Different processors handle information in their own unique way. The longer reactivity test times (up to 12 minutes) seem to occur with Intel Centrino processors. Therefore, the AMD 64 dual core processor is highly recommended for its speed and efficiency. However, the statistical and mathematical results provided, will be the same in either case. In the near future we will have a solution to standardize the reactivity speed for most dual processors.

Q: Will there be a Russian version? What other languages will be available?

A: Yes, there will be a Russian version. Translations have been arranged and/or completed for several languages. These include: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, which are fully completed. Portuguese, Russian and Czechoslovakian are currently under construction. Some Scandinavian languages are also being considered at this time.

Q: Can the L.I.F.E. System collect and distribute information from and to the body?

A: The Life System is a proven biofeedback device. It sends balancing energies to the body. It then assesses the body’s response, and the subsequent information provided, and portrays that information in a hierarchy format. The information is then displayed in descending numerical order, from the highest or most significant reactive value (2000), to the lowest (0). Results are presented in a user friendly, understandable format. The areas of imbalance that are indicated can now be better addressed. The user can combine the harmonic/energetic information provided by the L.I.F.E. System in conjunction with their training, to better understand their client’s issues.

The L.I.F.E. System uses multiple channels, or energetic pathways, both within the system and external to the device. We use a head and limb harness system as an energetic delivery and pickup system. This can be visually demonstrated during a L.I.F.E. System demonstration. When the head harness is firmly worn on the head, the L.I.F.E. System box will visually display the energies being received, by way of the four L.E.D. indicators (light emitting diodes) on the front left panel of the device. When the head harness is removed, the L.E.D.s will turn off. The four L.E.D.s on the front right are indicators of the energies being delivered to the body.

Q: What electrical parameters are being measured?

A: The electrical characteristics, inductance, capacitance and resistance change in the body for many reasons. These changes affect the energies that the L.I.F.E. System uses during the pickup phase of the reactivity process. Imbalances are reflected in many areas of the body, both electrically and physiologically.

After the Life program is opened. It is best to attach the harnesses to the body after you have finished with the demographic page. The head harness needs good contact with the skin on the forehead, for best electrical pickup. If the client’s skin is oily or covered with make-up, it should be removed. It is best to clean the head harness, for hygienic purposes, with a damp (not wet), cotton swab that has been dipped in a diluted, soap and water solution. This helps to clean up any residue of oil, or deposits of dust and dirt. Do NOT use alcohol, at any time, to clean the harness system. It will damage the electrically conductive rubber. Also, do NOT use Tea Tree Oil to clean the harnesses. It is a good antiseptic, but it is also an oil that insulates the electrically conductive graphite harnesses ability to achieve good contact.

For reasons unknown, some people use tissue while wearing the head harness. It is suspected that another biofeedback device recommends such a practice for its own reasons.

Please do not use tissue with the L.I.F.E. System harness because it acts as an insulator, not a conductor.

We do want to mention that the Life System will also work in a different mode if one decides to not use the harnesses in direct contact with the skin. This is more of a ‘field effect’ pickup.

Q: What about the new L.I.F.E. System box and harness system?

A: The new L.I.F.E. System box has incorporated the ability to utilize many new features. The new head harness system contains four light emitting diodes (red, yellow, blue and green) in addition to the eight pre-existing pickup and delivery bands. This feature accentuates the exiting new color/light delivery system. The new wrist and ankle bands each contain one infra-red delivery diode. Instructions for the proper application of the new harness system will be included with the device.

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