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Naomi Lake, weaving the tapestry of conscious health and technology

Naomi Lake, an american curandera

by Marta Shoman
The Crestone Eagle, April 2000

The evaluation from my first Human Energy session was unlike any health report I had ever ciphered. The healer who had sat within five feet of me drew it as she "saw" it. The drawing was centered on a regular size, sheet of paper with an outline of the head and upper torso. Multi-color lines and shapes were drawn through the center and sides of the torso. Handing the drawing to me, I looked at an aura drawing, or a pictorial representation of the electromagnetic field of my body. The drawing gives a detailed picture of what is occurring throughout the body on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and had been drawn by Naomi Lake. Upon receiving the drawing and having it interpreted to me, I received a hands-on healing session specific to the auric reading. The last section of our session was my homework or what Naomi calls "mindfulness exercises". These individualized exercises are focused on the auric reading and includes work at home with specific sounds, movement, visualizations, color, etc.

Long before the New Age movement became mainstream, Naomi Lake had been a practitioner of Human Energy systems. Founder and Director of "Full Circle, A Center for Conscious Health", Naomi is a healer in practice for over 25 years. She has taught throughout the US, Quebec, Mexico, Peru and England and has been an invited speaker at the Harvard Medical School where she presented work in esoteric healing. She currently presents ongoing seminars to the Holistic Nurses Association. Her life journey is a reflection of the South American curandera, or native healer, whose gifts are often recognized at an early age by the extended family. The role of the curandera in tribal societies is one of serious training and initiations through adolescence into young adulthood. Once the curandera has successfully passed all her initiations and training, she is in the service as a healer to community, great and small. "Based on the principal of quantum physics where the object is changed by the perception of the observer, the value of people seeing an auric drawing of themselves gives them an opportunity to change their auric field," Naomi told me. Her philosophy on conscious health includes the notion that "once we are educated about human energy systems, we can take more responsibility in healing ourselves."

Naomi's life journey

Naomi remembers "seeing" color frequencies from infancy when she was adopted by two California physicians. She recalls that as a child, she thought everyone saw what she could see. Her parents were fascinated when Naomi would meet their patients and speak to a "block" of color in an area of body that was being medically treated. Parental curiosity eventually faded into disbelief and professional concern for the health of her eyes. As she started elementary school, her parents sent her to ophthalmologists for a series of painful eye exams. In order to lessen the medical intrusiveness with her eyes, around the age of seven, Naomi willed herself to stop seeing the disc-shapes, known as chakras and the electromagnetic field around the body, known as the auric field.

Meanwhile, her home life in the Berkeley hills was shared with Myra, a Spanish, live-in housekeeper, who had the gift of laying on of hands. Before Naomi turned seven, Myra taught Naomi how to move energy through hands on healing. This teaching ignited a second gift of hands-on healing that Naomi has combined with the gift of sight.

A simple coincidence of moving next door to a girl her age reopened the door of sight. Her new girlfriend introduced Naomi to Charles Leadbetter's classic book, The Chakras, with its in-depth colored paintings of each of the seven main chakras. It was here she recognized what she saw when she changed the focal length of the eye during her younger years. It was in her teens that Naomi realized that she could turn off and on the ability to see human energy.

Growing up with a neurosurgeon and a pediatrician for a father and mother, Naomi thought she would become a doctor after college. Life turned her in other directions. In her junior year of high school she met "Biker Bob" in a pool hall, her mom died and dad remarried ten months later. After leaving home, she worked in San Francisco as an overseas operator for Standard Oil and started college at UC Berkeley. At 18 she married Bob, left the University and birthed two boys within the first three years of marriage.

In the late 1960's, the family moved to a mining claim along the Sierra foothills of California where they lived for four years. Studying herbology, canning food, living off the land, Naomi focused on being a mom. For Naomi, living in the remote snow-belt region of the high Sierras proved to be a spontaneous time of being recognized as a healer. Her mountain community called on her to work with earaches, broken bones, bad backs, asthma, mood swings and other maladies.

The routine of mountain life changed with the birth of Naomi's third son. Four weeks after Nathaniel was born, a blood clot caused Naomi to have a collapsed lung. The experience was a wakeup call that propelled her to evaluate and change her life dramatically. Once her health was stronger, she packed up the three boys and moved to Berkeley, leaving her husband and starting anew.

Naomi returned to studies at UC Berkeley. The semester before graduation she obtained a grant to travel and study in Guatemala for two months. The subject was the healing value of symbols and colors in textiles. Naomi's study of anthropology and healing modalities in cross-cultural studies served as a mirror for her approach to hands-on-healing.

Not long after returning from her studies in Guatemala, Naomi had an opportunity to relocate to the east coast. It was in Provincetown, MA, that she settled for 20 years and cultivated a growing practice in energy work. Here she met her life long companion, Jimmy Roderick. Initially, she supported herself and the children by cleaning the focs'le (kitchens) of fishing boats returning from ten days at sea. From this business, she met workers who had severe back problems and worked with them by trading healing work for fish, shoes for the kids, cookies, and other items.

It was by shucking scallops that she met her benefactor, Pat de Groot, a Buddhist living in the area. Pat experienced Naomi's work as a healer and suggested that Naomi receive money for her healing work, rather than kill scallops for a wage. It was 1979-80 and her clientele had begun to grow. Full Circle, A Center for Conscious Health, took root in a small cottage in Provincetown, MA.

What is esoteric healing and the chakra system?

To gain a better understanding of the more technical aspects of Naomi's work, we can review basic concepts of esoteric healing. Esoteric healing relies on the aura and chakra system as diagnostic and therapeutic tools to help the client understand the source of the "dis-ease" and begin the process of letting it go. The aura holds the records of past, present and future events. It is the result of cellular division or mitosis. During mitosis, photons or packages of light are released into the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. These photons vibrate at different frequencies, creating different colors and densities.

In a session, the body's aura and chakra system are used as diagnostic tools in locating and identifying blockages and negative patterns that can lead to dysfunction and/or diseases. Varying vibrational frequencies, or light, are specifically directed into the aura and body to release repressed energies and trauma stored at cellular levels, enabling the body and being to heal itself.

The chakra, a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel, is a center of consciousness, a vortex of energy running parallel to the spine. Each of these centers rules a different quality and characteristic of being, is connected to a specific endocrine system, and spins at a different vibrational frequency of the body. For example: The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and is the center that connects us with survival issues, money, career, anger, passion, and pain. It spins at the vibrational frequency of red.

The third chakra is located in the solar plexus. By looking at the organs located here from a symbolic perspective, we can begin to understand the complexity of this center. The stomach, kidneys, pancreas all impact the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life. This center has to do with fear, trust, self-esteem, self-doubt and is the place of ego and will. Yellow is the vibrational frequency of this color.

The fifth chakra, located in the neck and throat area is the thyroid center. The thyroid controls the body's metabolism and timing of every cell in the body. Metaphorically, this center has to do with how we are connected to universal timing. The fifth chakra is the center of communication and responsibility. Its color is electric royal blue.

What is shamanic counseling?

Naomi's study with native South American shamans, combined with her esoteric healing, creates a technique she calls shamanic counseling. This is a technique where the client moves into a non-ordinary state of consciousness using the steady beat of a drum, to meet and gain insight from power animals and spirit teachers. Naomi offers this work to groups as well as individuals.

A knowledgeable resource - locally and globally

Naomi moved to Crestone five years ago. Her work brings her in and out of town on a regular basis, and local clients can find her office in a cabin in the area of Crestone Creek. She is available for private and group work as well as phone and remote sessions.

Naomi has became known in specific circles for her abilities to work successfully with clients suffering from such diseases as cancer, AIDs and HIV-virus, colitis, fertility issues, manic-depression and schizophrenia. She has taught in Santa Fe at the University of Metaphysical Studies. In Peru, Naomi studied with Jorge Gonzales, anthropologist and shaman who has a center in Tarapoto, Peru. Recently she attended the Auyahuasca Conference in San Francisco and hopes to present a paper in St. Petersburg, Russia at the conference on "Human and Earth Energies". Her current research project is the study of the similarities between energy fields in people who are adopted.

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